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Thread: Gold Tone Resouke?

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    Default Gold Tone Resouke?

    So the past two days I've gone into a local music shop to fiddle around with the ukuleles they had. The Gold Tone Resouke in particular really caught my eye and it was actually only one of the two (well, three, I played two resoukes) I played today.

    The two they had at the store both sounded very nice, I didn't have any issues playing them, neither buzzed. The man who helped me today was fairly complimentary of it.

    However, I know it's pretty new and I haven't found much feedback on it. I believe a friend of mine owns a Gold Tone Banjolele she's fond of, but beyond that I don't know much about the Gold Tone Resouke, or even Gold Tone itself.

    Does anyone have any experience with i? I'm kind of on a somewhat slim(mer) budget, and new to resonator ukes in general, so I can't pay loads for one. However, if the resouke isn't worth it then I'll probably just buy another normal ukulele.

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    I dont know about their Dojo. But, I can tell you that Gold Tone is Korean made and that for the money, they make pretty good entry level instruments. I own a banjo from them "Cripple creek cc-100 open back

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    I think Gold Tone is now chinese made. At least the BUC banjo uke and CC-OT 5 string I bought from Gold Tone this year had made in china stickers on them. I'm very happy with both of them. Would like to try a Reso Uke sometime. I hear that they ar 14in scale. In between a soprano and concert.
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