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Thread: Does your Uke get tucked in at night with a sheet ?

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    You are not crazy. You are simply infatuated. Soon, like many of us, you'll realize that you're as comfortable with your ukes as your shoes. You'll see them occasionally lounging on the sofa, sitting by your bedside, etc. Keep on bonding1

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    I'm 5-6 years into my ukulele experience and enjoying it big time. But the honeymoon is over. I never wipe off my 'ukulele. Despite that, I don't notice my case getting any dirtier. But if pampering makes you happy, then go for it.
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    Ukes are tougher than you think, and many like them to actually show some wear from playing - it personalised them!

    When you first ding or scratch your uke (and trust me, you will) you will be upset, but it's all part of life with a uke.

    Nothing wrong with being obsessed, but I really don't think you need cloths inside a case. All the instrument needs is a quick wipe down then away, it will be just fine.
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    Just a quick wipe down and back into the case.

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    Oh nooooooooooooooo, my ukes live outside in the dust and the grime (I do have 50 to 65% humidity in my house). When was the last time they got wiped down? Weekly I think... That mark where the cat had a confrontation with the Black Bear still bugs me. Oh my. However they do get picked up and loved often. I guess I don't have to worry about the empty closed up case getting dirty. However if you put a clean uke in a clean case I don't' think you have to worry, just don't leave the case empty and open because if you have a cat it will pee in it and then you might as well just buy a new case.

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    A uke should only be in the case to go for a trip. Other than that, it needs to be out and ready to be picked up and strummed at a moments notice.

    That said, my Mya-Moe gets a wipe down often. The others, more intermittent.
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    When the day is done, I put my Stromberg-Voisinet in the closet in an old pillowcase. However, I let it sit on my mini recliner in my room most of the time. I want easy playing access, babying your instruments too much leads to little playing

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    My care and feeding schedule goes something like this:

    When I'm at home (and not playing), I keep it propped against the sofa safely in a corner, for easy access. I try to keep it away from the table when eating, because as much as I love my marinara, I don't think it would do much for my 'ukulele.

    When I am ready to go to bed for the evening, I place it back in the padded gigbag, so the dogs don't accidentally tear it to pieces.

    If I am taking it with me on a weekend or for a little roadie, I try and make the fit in the gigbag a bit more snug by adding a couple of hand-towels as neck supports, etc. (Happily, I have one of those uber-padded Orcas gigbags that come with the aNueNue, so I'm pretty confident that nothing bad will happen on a road trip)

    I wipe it down with the microfiber cloth at every re-stringing, since that's the only time I can really get at the soundhole, or at the base of the bridge & fretboard.

    Other than that, I just try to be sure not to do anything silly, like use it as a cricket bat, or to swat flies.

    So far, so good.
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    I like preserving the good condition of my precious things too, go for it
    I follow the advice I got from a UU member before a jam, always make sure my hands are clean before picking up my uke. Prior to playing he always asked where the rest room was. I thought, "nerves before a jam"? no, he washes his hands.
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