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    Thumbs up UY E-zine

    I just got my copy of the new issue of Ukulele Yes! The Ukulele Teacher's e-ZINE. I think it's a quarterly online publication and more details can be found on the home page. Anyway, there's some good articles here, ya'll check it out.

    Nana ka maka; ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
    pa`a ka waha.

    Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth.
    Thus one learns.

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    Yup. Great lineup of articles and photos:

    By James Hill
    The Strummer's Graceland | In this issue we focus on the music and history of Hawaii.

    Ukulele Reports
    What's Going On | Ukulele teachers from around the globe report on class progress, projects, and plans.

    Interview: Roy Sakuma
    Ukulele Supaman | Hawaii's most revered ukulele teacher talks with us about creating and maintaining a successful ukulele program.

    Machetes and Rajoes and Taropatches, Oh, My!
    By John King
    Feature Article | John King sheds new light on the early history of the ukulele. Essential reading for teachers, students, and casual strummers alike.

    Free Arrangement
    Hawaii Aloha | The unofficial anthem of the Islands, Hawaii Aloha is the Waltzing Matilda of Hawaii.

    Pedagogy Corner
    By James Hill
    Less is More: Easy Chords That Sound Hard | One-finger and two-finger chords that sound great and are easy to play.

    From the Ukulele Yes! Vault
    Vintage Re-print | President's Message (J. C. Doane). Reprinted from Ukulele Yes! Vol. 2, No. 1. (1977).

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