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Thread: Mainland Red Cedar Tenor review

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    I just got a mahogany special also had some cosmetic problems. I bought it because everyone here really praise these ukes. Like the poster above It sounds ok so rather than pay shipping back and forth etc (mike offered to swap it) I decided to keep it. Its not glaring problems but more than I expected givin the rep. Wonder if the factory is maybe slipping? I bought it as my drag around uke anyway so now I can relax I guess that first opps won't hurt as bad,
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy View Post
    I bought it as my drag around uke anyway so now I can relax I guess that first opps won't hurt as bad,
    Same here; great reason not to care about cosmetics and just enjoy yourself and your great sounding uke.

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    there are cosmetic problems with mine also but the sweet sound more than makes up for them and they add to the character of the instrument
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    I am considering a Mainland Cedar Tenor for a drag arou d as well.

    Now are you Ukes holding up?

    Do you still love them?
    How bad is your UAS?

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    I received today Mainland Redcedar/Rosewood Tenor Ukulele. Returning it to the seller. I bought it after Mike (the Founder) instantly confirmed via Email that width at the nut is 37 millimetre. Unfortunately, it is 35 mm; nut width itself is at most 35.5 mm; the ukulele has dings and imperfections on it (as expected? My Islander didn't have any!)

    So that I am returning it instantly. Save money for Kanilea!

    P.S. BTW rope binding does not look ugly. But sustain and resonance? Twice less than my twice cheaper Enya M6!!!

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    I played a bunch of concert and Tenor Mainland (all cedar tops), and 4 of 5 had a buzz at the saddle when playing the C string hard. Other than that, they sounded great. But I feared that buzz would be tough to fix, and I couldn't live with it... This is looking like a common issue.

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    Congrats on your Mainland.
    I just emailed Mike Hater about a tenor for my wife.
    The scratches will buff out. 3 of my friends own Mainlands, and neither have a scratch.
    They don't let other people play them.
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