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Thread: New DŁk mini on the drafting table..

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    Default New DŁk mini on the drafting table..

    This is just a "tease" because I am not going to devulge what I am drawing up yet. But, I have the "Aphid" and the "Ladybug" minis prototypes built and more being built as we speak. But I have also been toying with a new mini. The new one, if it works out will be called "Chigger" to keep in theme with the small bug thang. The name is actually a "hint" of what this will be and it really fits the concept. So, now I hope that don't "bug" ya. hehheh..
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    Chigger - excellent name! I hope we will welcome a new bug to the Tudorp fold soon! You will be the Bug Man.
    Christine in Woodstock, Georgia, USA (Atlanta area)

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    We need some pest control up in this joint!

    Love to see you still at it Tudorp!!!

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    As long as you don't call it a"mosquito",.....those little bas*erds have been eating me up the last month or so!

    .....i even got into my Honda Pilot yesterday that i haven't run in a few weeks to do some errands and charge the battery,......and with windows UP a bloodsucker got me!

    ......either "she" (all blood sucking ones are female) was waiting in the Honda for 2 weeks waiting for a meal,.....or more likely took the opportune time (all but 3 seconds) it took me to enter my vehicle and she followed me right in.

    Either way at this rate i'll be needing a transfusion soon!,.....geeze.

    (that's me checking both arms and legs every second i go out now, until we get a freeze that kills them off)
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    Sounds awesome! I'm getting excited to do some tradin' with ya.

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    Default Chigger

    Hi, did you ever make "Chigger"?
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