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Thread: Look what I found today...

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    Default Look what I found today...

    Going through an antique shop and found these two books for sale:

    It looks like they were both picked up by the same person on a trip to Hawaii in the early 60s. Folded up in one of the books was instruction for playing Tiny Bubbles, captioned "Hula taught by Mrs. Josephine Medeiros at Hotel Hana Maui—Social Director."

    Another fun thing from the sheet:

    Flower Custom:
    One flower in the back of your head means to follow me.
    One flower on the top of your head means you're dangerous!
    One flower on the right side of your head means you're taken.
    One on the right and left side means you're taken but still looking.
    Two in the back of your head means to follow me on the double.
    A wreath all around your head means you're either a grandmother or you're undecided.
    With the wonders of the internet I was able to look up Mrs. Medeiros and found these two items:

    All in all, a fun find for $6!

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    Nice score!
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    BTW your attached picture is failed to show up. just so you know...

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