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Thread: What is your dream uke(s)?

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    Default What is your dream uke(s)?

    I was just wondering what is your dream uke(s)? Are you saving, dreaming, or already have it . Mine dream uke is a Kala Solid Acacia Concert. Yes, my dream may not be as extravagant as a custom uke but, it is still an all solid wood uke .

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    A Moore Bettah fosho. I'd have a 4 string tenor with a slotted headstock and cutaway. Possibly a side sound port. Body would be AAAAA grade koa with a mustache shaped bridge made of ebony. The neck would be spanish cedar, with an ebony fret board. There would be no fret markers other than on the side of the fret board and on the 12th fret which would have the number 22 there. I'd have ebony and turquoise binding with a turquoise rosette, and an ebony veneer on the headstock coupled with my name on it. It'd also be strung up with Worth Browns, and would have Japan on the sound board along with Whidbey island making a slight yin yang shape near the bottom left (looking at the ukulele straight on)

    that's my dream ukulele. It would play like a beast, look fantastic, and represent me :]

    My 'ukuleles:
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    Red face My Old Kamaka

    Lucky I guess , my wife brings me one a few months ago , knowing how much I missed where I lived on The Big Island . And of all ukuleles she get's me an very old 1950s soprano to top it off . When I think of when I will make the move back I sigh and smile at the same time .

    This Kamaka soprano is almost as old as I am as far as the ukuleles concerned , the wood , well that's another thing .

    I have this vision of myself at Kolekole


    on the Big Island , under the bridge facing the water fall


    and having the ocean to my right and the park there to my left with the salt spray drifting about the air and a surfer or two having a ball on the inside break there . Just sitting there maybe with my love and or with friends strumming to the rhythm of the surf breaking against the shoreline where the remnants of the old Hawaii Rail Road tracks that were wiped out by the 1948 tsunami from the Alaska .

    The vision is sweet , the wait , bitter sweet just like the memories living there .

    Aloooooooha all :

    Hurricane Ramon
    It started for me with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 54 on a Blues Harp and progressed , then life .....some death ....Evolving as I went like a small rock in a stream rounding out as I went with the flow as I go through the white waters and waterfalls of life . Life has always been interesting to me

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    Ask me again in six months... But I think I just received my dream uke. A simple and elegant Kamaka soprano. A dream to play and a beautiful sound. I can't ask for more, accept maybe a mahogany of equal quality.

    "Music self-played is happiness self-made"

    Sopranos: Donaldson (Myrtle), Kamaka (Koa), 2 Mainland's (Cedar/Rosewood & Mahogany),
    Nahenahe (Mahogany) (Thank you Stan)
    Concert: Mainland Classic Mahogany (low G)
    and one flashy white and gold Titano accordion

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    For a non-traditional style, I am absolutely floored by the workmanship I've seen in the Hive ukuleles. I'm a guitar guy and fairly new to ukuleles, so that is probably why they appeal to me so much. I would love to get my hands on one of them. Some of the Rick Turner ukes really give me UAS as well... go figure - Renaissance and Hive ukes...

    For a more traditional style (albeit much more "embellished"), the Morre-Bettah ukes blow me away. I also like what I've seen from Black Bear. Probably wouldn't list them as my "dream" but more reaonably attainable and a gigantic step up from my Lanikai.


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    up until recently my dream uke was a Mainland red cedar tenor which i saved my birthday money for, when I bought it, it became a reality, it is so beautiful to look at and to play, and if I never bought another uke, I would still be a happy bunny, I nearly bought a Kala solid acacia coz they are lovely instuments too but settled on the mainland, but being 'only human' i am starting to fancy the saddle off a new Kamaka tenor after hearing the reviews online about the sound they produce and also the quality of the intonation, so who knows maybe, just maybe, one day, I might own one..........................
    SOPRANO Kala Solid Mahogany SMHS, KoAloha Pikkake,

    CONCERT Kala Flamed Maple FMC, Honu Solid Hawaiian Mango,

    TENOR Kala Jazz Top, Mainland Red Cedar, Pete Howlett Cherry Marmite, Mahon Custom Cedar Top Solid Wood Electro Acoustic

    BARITONE Lani LB-55CEQ Solid Spruce Top

    Facebook page:-!/richard.gent2

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    My Kamaka HF-3.

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    I am also a guitarist who is trying to learn uke. As I type this I am trying to total how much I could make by selling all my stuff. Enough to buy a Koaloha D-VI (6 string) would make me very happy but the cost to get one in Europe is really astronomical. One day...

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    an `Oiwi Custom made with indigenous wood from the pu`uloa/makakilo region of o`ahu.
    200 years of Unification. 117 years of ILLEGAL OCCUPATION.

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    Since it's my "dream" uke, definitely something I've made myself every step of the way, from sourcing the local wood, to inlays made from the abalone shells already in my backyard (abalone was delicious by the way). If it sounds good . . . wait, "dream uke" so it definitely sounds AMAZING . . . I'd have my initials inlayed in the fretboard.

    Passionately Untalented

    Compass Rose (Custom Tenor) Kamaka HF-3 Kamoa SM-P Kala KA-STg Tenor Pineapple (Rick Turner Build Class)

    Gary Yoshida (added for Mim)

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