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Thread: Low G Baritone Strings (GCEA) Options?

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    I have to second, or third, the advice about forgetting about the whole GCEA thing. Just get a good DBGE set of strings (I use Southcoast's LML-NW, Light medium Gauge) and play that baritone like it is a soprano. I've had my baritone for quite some time now and I have never looked at a single baritone resource. I just play it like my other ukuleles. Of course, I am not playing in the key I think I'm playing in...but it sounds the same--albeit at a lower pitch.

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    SouthCoast has linear GCEA strings. Look here under the heading "C Tuning Baritone Sets-Linear."

    Mainland sells Guadalupe strings if you want to try linear GCEA an octave lower.

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