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    I have been looking at adds for the ovation saprano uke with leaf pattern
    has anyone had any exsperiance with one of these MaL (uk)

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    Almost useless as acoustics (they sound very thin and quiet).
    Decent plugged into an amplifier.

    Apparently the old models that were made in Korea had better acoustic sound.
    But pretty much any you find for sale these days will be the later model (made in China) with the useless acoustic sound.

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    I used to own one (an ex-girlfriend took it from me ) and I really liked it. The Adamas style sound holes were kinda cool looking. Mine was the older Korean made one. It was a bit quiet and thin unless amped. I put some better strings on it and it really sounded a lot better though. My (current) girlfriend gave me one of the UA10 models and I put some nice Aquila strings on it and have had really good results. I really love the feel of the neck so I love to play it. I think they are like everything by Ovation though, you either love it or hate it.

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