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Thread: I don't want to be hater but...

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    Maybe not the best example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyrot View Post
    Feel the need to weigh in on this one.
    Here's some evidence that - in the right hands (which admittedly could be a rare thing!) - a washtub bass is more than a "random pitch generator"

    Wack on some headphones and listen to the bass solo from 1:36 - very tastefully done with lots of musicality I'm sure you'll agree?

    By the way - digging the barnkickers!
    Thanks for the compliment about The Barnkickers.

    I listened to that video clip, and while he does do a decent job of playing the melody during his solo, most of the pitches he plays during the accompaniment are approximate, and accompaniment is a bass players #1 job. If you were to listen to that and imagine a double bassist playing those same "notes", you would think that the they didn't know what they were doing. To say that a washtub bass player is doing a god job because they come close to hitting the actual pitches 50% or even 75% of the time is just lowering musical standards for novelty's sake in my opinion. The uke has it's share of novelty value in some people's eyes, but I see it as a legitimate musical instrument and there are plenty of great players out there proving it.

    - Steve
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    I am coming to dislike washtub "basses" . just saying
    there is no substitute for LOVE

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    That dude on table spoons brought more to the music that day than some people I've known could bring with a full kit.


    That's such a good line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldePhart View Post
    ROFL. But, hey, what have you got against pipers?

    Nothing at all ....provided they are Maris Pipers.....

    they can , boil ,mash ,roast and make great chips........oh sorry ...fries ........

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    Steve, no respectable Bluegrass band would use anyhting but a real stand-up (double) bass....
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