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Thread: Where to buy a Mi-Si Acousic Trio??

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    Default Where to buy a Mi-Si Acousic Trio??

    Local guitar reapir places say thycan do the install but have never heard of the MiSi Acoustic Trio for Ukes. I am hesitant to allow them to do the install. I would dO it myself but routing scares me. I would feel better shaving down the saddle. Any thoughts?
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    You can get them at Mainland Ukes and Elderly to name a couple online dealers. Fairly simple to install if you're handy with tools. if 50% or more of your saddle sits in the bridge, you can just lower the height of the saddle instead of having to route the bottom of the bridge.

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    I got mine from Mainland Ukes, they are easy to install if you are happy using woodwork tools. If you get one and decide to fit it yourself, there is a great tutorial on Youtube. I didn't do any routing, I just sanded down the saddle.
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