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Thread: Are frets the same?

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    Default Are frets the same?

    If you have a concert ukulele with 19 frets and a soprano ukulele with 12 frets are the frets in the same place?
    I watched a tutorial on youtube and the person played a soprano ukulele. I am going to buy a concert ukulele. When he says "13th fret" he means on a soprano ukulele. Is it the same on a concert? So it would be the 13th fret on the concert one aswell?


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    The notes are in the same place but, the spacing is different. You can get an idea of fret spacing by putting your scale length and number of frets in this calculator:
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    Quote Originally Posted by UkesAreCool View Post
    So it would be the 13th fret on the concert one aswell?
    Yes. They are tuned similarly (gCEA) so the tone is the same when you press the 13th fret on both of them.


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