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Thread: in the still of the night

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    Default in the still of the night

    u guys know any tabs or chords for this song?

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    With those chords you can play a lot of the songs from the 50's, you can also use the following if C is not your key . . .

    G (0232) Em (0432) C (0003) D7 (2223)
    F ((2010) Dm (2210) Bb (3211) C7 (0001)
    Bb (3211) Gm (0231) Eb (3331) F7 (2310)

    Nana ka maka; ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
    pa`a ka waha.

    Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth.
    Thus one learns.

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    That's funny, I just saw the stage version of Grease the other day and one of the songs in the play, Those Magic Changes, is the same chord progression as In The Still of the Night. In the scene, Doody is just learning to play guitar and his buddies put him on the spot to play a tune. He starts the song, fumbling around and singing to himself,

    "C, C, C, A minor, F, F, F, G7," and so on, when he finally gets the hang of it, and starts in on the actual lyrics, the T-birds take that over singing the names of the chords and it becomes the background, in place of a doo-wop.

    You won't see that in the movie, that's one of the stage songs that gets relegated to background music during the school dance.

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    There about a gazillion songs that use that chord progression (or its cousin, which replaces the IV chord with some flavor of II chord):

    Heart and Soul
    Blue Moon
    I've Got Rhythm
    Why Do Fools Fall in Love
    Stand by Me
    Little Darlin'
    Duke of Earl
    Sleigh Ride
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    ...and many more!


    P.S. I was actually confused at first by the chords you guys were posting. They didn't seem right at all. Then I realized that I was thinking of the wrong "In the Still of the Night". :-) The chords for that particular song are a bit trickier!
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