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Thread: best ukulele book of tunes

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    yep have to agree the daily uke is a fantastic book i to highly recommend it
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    About a year ago I took stock and found that I had 6 notebooks of songs and music for the uke and couldn't carry them all when I played out, and couldn't find what I wanted even with lists taped to each notebook. So, I was given an old laptop that didn't work. I fixed it up, except for the battery, and downloaded my songs into it. I had to carry the power converter, and an extension cord, which was a pain with people walking around. I could then access any of my songs pretty quickly. But, with over 500 songs even that became a chore, so when I knew what songs I needed I copied them onto a flash drive and just downloaded that.

    I have a large collection of songs, music and music videos on my desktop. Last week my wife gave me a present of a tablet. At this time I have a copy of the songs in The Daily Ukulele. I also have a uke group that uses it almost exclusively. I'm making up a new file for the Daily Ukulele song titles, and preparing a flash drive to use with it. As I review TDU songs I can make sure they are in the key of C or G because most of the Ukers play those keys. I can transpose as needed later. The next uke meeting is Th. ,today is Tues. I'll just copy the songs to the flash drive, and carry it and my new tablet to the next meeting.

    I have to carry my music stand anyway, and the tablet is about the same size as a regular but thin book. Now I can carry with me as much music as I can possibly use, and also carry some appropriate audios and videos for the times we have a song that no one knows very well.

    You can get a 7" tablet for less than $80. You can download most songs free from the internet; and youtube has a huge number of videos you can copy for free. I recommend a 10" tablet (about $150 or less) so you can read the music more readily.

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    Good Suggestions, Dahni. We have a 356gb ASUS netbook that we use for our backup songs for gigs. I just bought a usb cable that makes it easy to transfer files from one pc to another including the netbook. The netbook is just slightly larger than a tablet. Cost was $275 at Best Buy a couple of years ago. I can use a manhasset stand for it on the gig, too, when they have one there.

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    When Amazon started carrying "The Daily Uke" book they offered it in digital format for the Kindle Fire. I found it too big to use with the Fire as I had to constantly keep scrolling. (I returned it to Amazon for the book). Would that work on an I Pad type tablet? Jusr an idea. It seems like it would take forever to scan all those pages into PDF. It is difficult to carry around binders and then try to locate which binder or book the song you want to play is in.

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    I downloaded a sample Kindle version for my IPad. I'm not finding it easy to fit the songs on the screen. If I decide I want the book, I'll get the paper version.

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    I've found Daily Ukulele is good for songs from 20s thru the 60s. For more modern stuff, I really like the Ukulele Playlist series of books. They're a little pricey, even on ebay, but they're pretty good.
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