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Thread: What are your Ukulele Goals for 2012?

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    Default What are your Ukulele Goals for 2012?

    Hi Everyone

    Firstly, Happy 2012 to those in time zones that have already hit the New Year!

    As some of you know I do a blog and was doing my first set of weekly goals for 2012 and started thinking about what I'd like to achieve in 2012 Ukulele wise. I thought it would be a good topic for those who also set themselves goals/resolutions etc,

    So, here's mine!

    • Finish doing The Daily Ukulele songs with videos
    • Finally save up enough to pay for my Custom Cursley Ukulele
    • Finish writing the notes for my "Ukulele Bible"
    • Finish doing UUU courses
    • Progress to Intermediate as an Ukulele player
    • Find a cure for UAS!
    • Write four more original songs
    • Do a CD of all of my original songs for myself (and friends)
    • Work my way through learning another songbook

    For those wondering the book "Ukulele Bible" is my compilation of all I've learnt from UUU and other places about the Ukulele, it's going to be my reference book, I doubt it'll ever be used by anyone other than me, though I may pass it on to people if they ask.

    So, what are your goals/resolutions for 2012 when it comes to the Ukulele? (Or other things if you feel like sharing, I also plan to lose more weight and get myself some savings!)

    Happy New Year!
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    There is no cure for UAS! :P
    The ukulele will one day take over the world.

    Well, it's now 100% Wixom ukuleles.

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    Great set of goals, Joey!

    I don't have too many specific goals for the uke, but definitely want to learn more songs and tunes on it. The sound quality on my computer is so awful that it's impossible for me to get anything of value from online lessons, so I want to upgrade my computer to help with that.

    Also, I found out that there's a uke group starting up near where I live, so I'm going to go along to the first meeting of that (which is the week after next) and see what it's like. I'm hoping it will be a really fun way to make some progress and play along with others

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    Hi joey! That's a fairly comprehensive list! I have one goal and that's to gig more
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    I wish i'll have the strength to :

    -set up a voice/ukulele cover songs show

    -find some cool places to perform it

    -compose some more original songs

    -find a not-too-expensive vintage Martin uke

    -find the money to buy it

    -make some more and more uke videos to please all my web friends

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    Save up for what should be my last uke.
    Record more, with husband would be a plus.
    Get some decent pedals.
    Learn more songs, and generally try to kick it up a notch.

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    Nice set of goals Joey,

    Now that you got me thinkng about it i guess mine are:

    - To Stop buying any more ukes, now that my collection is complete with my Pineapple Sunday
    - To show my wife that while I don't need all these a ukes, each one is worth having and playing On a regular basis
    - To practice and learn the uke as seriously as I do Classical Guitar
    - To learn different types of music including some Classical pieces
    - To learn to sing with confidence and clarity as I strum along
    - Most important of all To have Fun every step of the way!

    Happy 2012!
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    Very ambitious list, Joey

    I actually started one of my 2012 goals about a month early - I'm focusing more on theory than on just learning songs right now, and one project my uke instructor gave me was to take a dozen or so standards and transpose them into at least two different keys. The first two were easy-peasy; the third one I started could take a while. Darn you, Cole Porter and your musical cleverness and the key of Eb!

    My second uke goal is to learn four John King pieces by the end of the year. This is a far more realistic version of last year's goal - er, dream - which was to learn one John King piece a month! I learned one and a half in the entire year, but I blame 2011's slow progress on a series of health setbacks. I'd like to perfect that one and a half, and learn two more well enough to play them in front of others by year's end.

    And I gave up on resolutions in the traditional sense a long time ago, but I have two hopes for 2012: to get back to Hawaii at least once, and to stay out of hospitals all year long. Pretty sure those are possible

    Here's to a happy and healthy 2012!

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    My goals are pretty similar to everybody's here. In a nutshell, I'd like to get better. I have a three-pronged plan:

    1. Sign up for UUU and get working on more theory with more practice on scales etc.
    2. Inspired by Victoria Vox, I'd like to learn a new song every week, and get it performance ready by recording it. This will also help me expand my recording and editing skills.
    2a. This will help me have a good repertoire to start gigging as well -- I already bring my uke to parties and have good response, and have played a couple of gigs,but I'd like to get more serious about it.
    3. Keep UAS at bay long enough to save for a KoAloha Pineapple Longneck. I hope to make that one happen by summer.

    Good luck, everyone, with your goals, and have a happy and prodUKEtive new year!


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    I plan to put together a set of old favorites and go weekly to the Alzheimer's Center and play for the fine folks there. I have about ten tunes I can do cold at this point, but I need to teach them to my co-conspirator and get a schedule going. Right now I am playing
    Five Foot Two/Please don't talk about me
    I wanna be like you
    My Canary has Circles Under His Eyes
    Most of That's My Weakness Now
    Bear in a Ladies Boudoir
    and a couple others. We'll see how it goes, but I figure even a hack like me could brighten things up a bit around there.

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