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Thread: Marmite Ukulele Idea, and a bonus Lovecraft

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    Default Marmite Ukulele Idea, and a bonus Lovecraft

    I suddenly have the notion that a ukulele somehow sporting the Marmite logo would be a fine (albeit kitschy) thing to make. Feel free to take the idea and run with it (but post the progress in a UU thread), whilst I'm thinking about how to realise it for myself.

    In the meantime, I found this abomination.
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    That ukulele rules harder than any other ukulele I have ever seen.

    Cthulhu Fhtagn!
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    Our local club is the Marmite Ukulele club:

    AnnaUK on here is one of the founders. They do stickers and badges and suchlike. Not sure there has been a Marmite-themed ukulele, but one of the other founders has done some interesting luthiery.
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    "now restrung and confirmed as completely playable"

    Hmmm, I suspect one has to have a pretty broad definition of "playable..." With that much gunk on the fretboard I bet you don't have to worry about waking the neighbors... LOL

    BTW, what's Marmite, is that anything like Vegemite?

    EDIT: Dang, sometimes I amaze myself - I thought I was being a smart-aleck but looks like I pretty much hit it on the head!
    I'm not entirely convinced that it is possible to polish a turd. However, if one were to accomplish that feat one would still have a turd, and one all the more noticeable for being shiny.

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    I guess it could work...
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    A Marmite-lele? What a marvellous idea!

    Hmmmmm, I've got a plastic Marmite lunchbox shaped like a giant jar - I wonder if that could be adapted...

    You've started my poor old brain working on this now ha ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    We have a product in Australia called "Vegemite" which is also a yeast extract product. The labels on the jars are a very thin plastic and are easy to remove if you soak the jar in some hot water. Once you get the label off and let it dry, you can attach it to most surfaces, like your uke case. It will also attach to most uke finishes, but its hard to remove from a wood surface without damaging the finish.
    You use stuff called acrylic binder, first put a coat on the place where the motif is going and let it dry. Then saturate the motif in the binder (top and bottom) and paste it on. Finish with a neat final coat. If you like to be really neat you can mark the area with some masking tape so there is a neat border around the motif.
    Two motifs are on the photo which should have attached itself, one is off a Vegemite jar and the other is off a Margaret River Dairy Company packet (thin cardboard).
    Perhaps you can do the same with Marmite labels, although if you have ever had some Vegemite in hot toast with real butter, you would never think of Marmite again.
    marmite is the best being a pom in perth i coukdnt take to vegimete, but i quite liked the cheese vegimite tasted slightly like marmite, and as a major marmite lover a marmite uke sounds incredibly fantastic,
    Bill what area of perth are you in, i lived in stirling near innaloo, hope to return oneday for good i spent 5 and a half years there but my ozzie wife wants some time in uk, i cant settle and call perth home now anyway have a good weekend, oh is there any uke clubs in perth ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldePhart View Post
    BTW, what's Marmite, is that anything like Vegemite?
    Yep, but Marmite is better. Actually it's one of those Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs GM etc things where a debate is easily triggered when there's not much really between them. At least that's the case in Aussie/NZ, where Aussies tend more towards Vegemite and Kiwis tend towards Marmite (there are, however, traitors on both sides!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    although if you have ever had some Vegemite in hot toast with real butter, you would never think of Marmite again.
    Kudos for the correct preparation of *mite on toast. Always cracks me up to see tourists trying really thickly applied *mite. However, IMHO: British Marmite > AUS/NZ Marmite > Vegemite. Yes, the British stuff is different and better.
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    I've had both, both taste like sweaty sweaty sweaty sweaty AND dirty sweat socks, or maybe that's the odor that I am remembering. Yes, I had both on toast, and not spread like jam either. OMFG.

    No offense intended at all, I realize it's an acquired taste and is very nutritious. I had crab brains in my favorite sushi restaurant once, they are considered a delicacy, and they were pretty awful to my taste. I'm fairly adventurous with food, I have eaten jellyfish and sea cucumber for example and enjoy both when I can get them. I think it's one of those things that if you have it when young it's great.

    Cheese could certainly improve either 'mite IMO.

    I guess I would be drinking a cream soda and driving a Toyota.
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    I'm not a marmite fan myself. I ate some once when a performer from Circus Oz offered it to members of the audience.
    It was their last show in New York and I was the first person to try it for the entire run. I love that Australia has so many uke groups,
    just like it has so many circus groups and schools. Fun place!

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