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Thread: Stagg Tweed Soprano case

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    Default Stagg Tweed Soprano case

    Just received the Stagg Tweed Soprano case I had ordered from Austin Bazaar for under $40 with free shipping. This is a well made hard case covered in a light brown tweed cloth. I had originally ordered it for my Makai pineapple but it proved to be a perfect fit for my Mainland cedar/rosewood pineapple. In fact the fit for the Mainland was even better than the fit of the Ohana pineapple case I purchased with the Mainland. Reasonably priced cases for pineapples are hard to find and I'd highly recommend this one.
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    Us Pineapple owners are glad to hear this - thanks for sharing the good news!
    Christine in Woodstock, Georgia, USA (Atlanta area)

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    I think Stagg are getting better and better in terms of ukes and products

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    my stagg case has a Ken Timms uke in it. thats a perfect fit too
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