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Thread: New to the UU - Hello All!

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    Cool New to the UU - Hello All!

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm new to the community here. I started playing the uke about 6 months ago. I currently own 2 ukes and I look forward to adding more to the collection. Although I'm new to the uke, I've been playing the guitar for the last 16 years.

    Current Ukes:
    • Kala KA-ASLAT (my first uke, and my personal favorite)
    • Epihone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric (bought this one due to my love of Les Pauls and not so much for it's uke qualities, but it's still fun)

    So what got me into the Uke? I hate to say it, but it was Eddie Vedder. After he put out 'Ukulele Songs' in June, I just had to get one. I'm an avid Pearl Jam fan so naturally Eddie brought visibility to this instrument that I may have otherwise dismissed.

    So I bought the Kala and I've been hooked since. I've been writing more of my own tunes than I have been playing others music. I absolutely love my Ukes and can't wait to add more to the collection.

    Anyways. Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello. Look forward to joining in on the fun.


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    Welcome to UU, and yes, don't forget to post some of your songs when you can. There are many of us here who would like to hear, I am one of them.

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    Welcome, Brian.
    And whether the blood be highland, lowland or no,
    And whether the skin be black or white as the snow,
    Of kith and of kin we are one, be it right, be it wrong,
    As long as our hearts beat true to the lilt of a song.

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    E Komo Mai! Welcome!
    I bought one of those Les Pauls too - couldn't resist!
    Have fun and I too am looking forward to seeing some of your originals.
    My Quiver: S & J Craft Milo Tenor "Liliu" six string custom and Milo and Lychee concert by Emil Bader
    Pono PKT-1 Koa Tenor w/MiSi, Lanikai LU-21T - Autographed!, Hikare CU 528 Baritone
    R&L all koa mini concert, Mainland Gecko, Epiphone Les Paul Vintage, Kala Concert
    Compass Rose 5 string
    Nothin' left to do but : ) : ) : )

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    Hi Brian and Welcome! I too am a guitar player (over 40 years!) and just recently discovered the joy of the ululele! So much fun! I haven't heard Eddies' uke CD yet but am looking forward to checking it out. I am a Pearl Jam fan too. Good to hear you are writing songs too. That is also my passion!

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    Greetings and welcome! Here's another who got one of those LP's. After in install bone nut and saddle, change strings, should sound pretty cool plugged in....unplugged is just for practicing.
    Soooooo many ukes, sooooooo little time

    Soprano: Pre-war Martin "O"; 81-82 Kamaka White Label; Grizzly kit;
    Concert: Pono MCD-E; Kala Reso-burst; Rally banjo; Bruce Wei Acacia teardrop; KPK acacia Cutaway; Mele Solid Mahogany 6 string; Ohana CM35-8 Taropatch; Goldtone Metal Resouke;
    Epiphone LP vintage burst; Asmus solid maple/spruce; Alida Jazz electric
    Tenor: Risa semi-hollowbody electric (red one); Mele Koa; Kala solid mahogany A/E cutaway

    Bass: Oscar Schmidt Curley Maple;

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