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Thread: I played that song in a music store on a ukulele

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    I love to see the faces on people when they hear something come out of a Uke that they are not expecting. Even the people in the music stores haven't a clue at what a wonderful instrument this is,

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    I do this at least once a month. It is an awesome experience. Sometimes, I pretend I do not speak english. I walk in, plug in, play, and when people are freaking out, I nonchalantly put the Uke back on the hanger and walk out. Great feeling!
    Have a Happy Day, and remember- Take the time to play!!!!

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    At the local music stores in my area, the amps that we can plug into are in separate rooms so that means I can't plug in unfortunately. I do however, play the loudest ukulele there acoustically and I tend to attract a lot of people. The music stores should start paying me (assuming the customers buy after I leave ahah)

    I usually play Jake Shimabukuro's cover of 'Thriller' since let's be honest, who doesn't know Michael Jackson?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukecantdothat View Post
    "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" -- RAP version.
    Oh, manggg... You got tabs for that?
    Me so ho'kie ...
    Poppa lot'ta skittles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gokidd View Post
    Oh, manggg... You got tabs for that?
    Tabs schmabs! Scratch da strangggs, and go:

    "A weema-weh..." a bunch times fo da intro n choruses, and be like, "In da cit-tay, da inna cit-tay / Da li-on sleeps tonight..."

    This is actually a version I've done with a calypso band. Not exactly a rap version per se, we used a more reggae-ishy/soca-ishy beat, and it was a ton of fun. I'll bet somebody out there has done a rap version of it. In fact, excuse me while I go to the youtubes... Be right back...

    Just as I t'ought, mon. This is eerily close to our beat:
    And here's the rap:

    See. Nothing new under the sun as my mama used to say. The chords to the first one are Bb Eb Bb F and the second one is F Bb F C.

    You're welcome! (Tabs... )
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