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    Hi i am New here and have a tun of questions about finishes. i want to make my own uke and a few for friends and am starting with the Grizzle soprano kit and am going to work my way up to and kit where i get to assemble the body as well. so here is goes

    1. i want to just use a basic stain can i use stain from the hardware store or do i need to use instrument stain

    2. do you need a different stain for fret boards

    3. is using a wood burner on the top of the uke bad for it

    4. i am worried about fretting how difficult it to level them and the fret board. any tips on fretting would be great

    what i am hopping to do is make a roseta with a wood burner on the top and add some on the head stock as well. Then i would like to finish the hole thing with a clear mat finish.

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    Sorry i left one question out
    1.if i were to use a different top then the one that comes with the kit would i be able to cut f holes in it like the Kala Arch top.
    2. if i was able to use a different top with f holes how would i brace the top since the holes would get in the way of the original bracing in the kit
    sorry for all the questions
    Thanks again

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