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Thread: Rayman Origins: Sea of Serendipity World Map

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    Default Rayman Origins: Sea of Serendipity World Map

    This game is just packed with some of the best game music I've heard in a long, long time, and it's got some great ukulele parts as well. I can figure out a couple of chords, but the higher slide transitions are pretty tricky for me to figure out. Can anyone lend a hand on this one?

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    Second that, I find it one of the best songs in the game, if anyone knows this, please could you post it here?

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    Very fun tune, thanks for posting! Sorry I couldn't tab it out properly, but I hope this will do. I wrote the names of the chords next to the fret numbers, hope that's clear.

    Open 4
    0213 G7add4
    open 1
    0212 G7
    open 4

    Main Theme:
    0003 C
    x323 C dim
    0003 C
    x323 C dim
    x545 C dim
    0003 C
    x323 C dim
    0212 G7
    0003 C

    (Repeat main theme)

    0001 C7
    2210 Dm
    2320 F#dim
    0001 C
    2100 A
    2210 Dm
    5543 Fm
    0212 G7
    0547/5 F dim (1st string is 7th fret then 5th fret)

    (Repeat from main theme)
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