My two cents. I'm a big fan of Southcoast Strings and Dirk, and of Ohana. So, try Dirk's dGBE strings, really cool. Because the baritone has such a low tuning the G string functions as bass string and you get all the sweetness of having reentrant tuning, and don't get me wrong, I love a low G on my tenor GCEA tunings. I even like a low D baritone tuning, but I've been really enjoying Southcoast's dGEB stings.

Glad to hear that there's such a good inexpensive baritone and made by Ohana. I love my old Bushman baritone and say it really ranks up there. You'd have to hear me play it. it's light like a really expensive uke. Mahogany's under-rated. My first uke was a Kala mahogany baritone and six years later I'm still playing, and much better.

I picked up a cheap Lanakai spruce top bari on line and I put Southcoast Cuatro strings on it. Instead of having a regular E in the DGBE tuning, you have an octave lower E. Ain't it funny all the variations in tunings? The Cuatro tuning is cool for rhythm and it opens your ears and gives new ideas if you start picking.

best wishes