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Thread: Tenor Strings -- Worth CH or CT

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    Default Tenor Strings -- Worth CH or CT

    I have a Collings UT1 and it currently has Aquilas on it. I think I can get a lot more out the uke with different strings -- I'm thinking Worths.

    But the question is what size?

    Should I order the CT's (the regular gauge) or CH's (the heavy gauge)?



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    I use the regular CT strings. This is fine for me. It also enables me to easily tune up to D tuning if I need to.

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    I concur with Ken.

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    Thanks! Is the CT a pretty standard gauge? I.E. if I swap them onto the uke, should they affect the setup? Unfortunately, Collings does not have their uke string gauges online.

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    Indeedy, the Worth CT string set is pretty standard gauge.
    If you like Low-G, you'll want to try CT-LG -- THAT fourth string will likely require some adjustment for its extra width if you decide to keep them.
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    You won't have to change anything.

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    So Collings wrote back and said that they use G - .027, C - .036, E - .030, and A - .0245. Those are pretty big, just as they feel!

    Worth CT's are (same order) .0244, .0291, .0260, and .0224. In my steel string guitar player mind, that seems quite drastic a change. I have my guitars dialed in very specifically to strings.

    The CH's are .0260, .0319, .0291, and .0224 -- this is a little closer to the Aquilas in size. But I think I'm overestimating the extent to which tension factors into set up. With a uke pulling (IIRC) about 50lbs across all strings and a six string acoustic pulling 170lbs, the effect of tension is probably overstated in my mind. The only concern I have is introducing buzz and it sounds as though I shouldn't worry. In addition, nylgut and flurocarbon are different materials and I've heard that, millimeter for millimeter, the fluorocarbon creates more tension. All of this in mind, I think I will just do what all of you wise UUers have suggested and get the damn CT's already! It sounds like I'm in for a treat.

    Sorry for the newbie questions! I really do appreciate the advice.

    This all makes sense, right? If I'm being an idiot, please let me know!

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    I use the Worth CH heavy tension low and high G on my ukes. They don't feel as floppy and thin as the regular CT clears to me.

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    I like the regulars.

    But- I would highly recommend Southcoast Ukulele Strings

    Great feel and balance

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    I am almost sure I'd get some members upset but I have normal tension classical guitar strings on mine and tuned to Low G. I love the deep mellow sound they produce from my tenor. The main reason is that I have a lot of the Pro Artes strings that I have to make use of them somehow. I use high tension strings on my guitars.

    Just my two cents worth.......

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