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Thread: Buying my first ukulele

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    Default Buying my first ukulele

    I'm going to buy a Ukulele but I was wondering what is the difference between the tenor, soprano, alto etc. I was looking at this one and this one

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    Alto is also called concert size. The difference is size/scale and is a personal preference. You really need to go to a music shop and try the different sizes out before you start thinking about which model. If you have a local Uke club that is also a great place th start. We have all been beginners and most are more than happy to help.

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    +1 on getting to a uke shop or club to try a few out

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    IMO, once you've found the size you like, I suggest you buy used or buy from mim. You'd get a much better quality uke than the ones you posted. If it's not setup right, you won't play it.

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    Hello there, I haven't posted lately due to school work but I agree with Patrick wholeheartedly. I am as much a beginner as you and bought a tenor pono all mahogany with a slothead. Love it but haven't had enough time to enjoy it. Be on a look out for a used ukulele but always take advantage of an opportunity to try out as many ukuleles you can get your hand on and pieces of advice and reviews will be a lot of help.

    Good luck.


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    if youre looking at guitarcenter because its one of the stores you can go to then its best to go check it out and try it.
    but IMO, I would go with the luna tattoo, mainly because its lighter, the sound just seems more...."uke-ish" cant really describe it but im pretty sure ive played that mitchell before and it was built kinda heavy and i didnt like it.
    but check out music stores around you, its always best to try to check out as many as you can before making a purchase
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    Welcome to UU, tigerdaisy12. My local GC had several ukes on display, but none of them were tuned. Go there to get an idea of the size differences, but unless you have lots of time to tune and test, I wouldn't bother with the ukes there.

    Once you've settled on a particular size/scale, contact one of these respected uke retailers (see below) and tell them what your budget is and what you're looking for. All three participate on this forum and will make sure the uke has a proper setup.

    Hawaii Music Supply
    Mike A. 808-927-7297

    Mim's Ukes
    Mim 704-238-3555

    Uke Republic
    Mike M. 770-235-6606
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