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Thread: The Sad End Of Ukulele Ike

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    Default The Sad End Of Ukulele Ike

    This was posted by SweetWaterBlue on the SEUkers Facebook page......

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    I've heard Disney helped with the nursing home bills and the burial.

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    Ironically, I watched the video posted above on youtube then after this was the next video that popped up.

    nice video, the beginning might as well be talking about Ukulele Ike himself. check it out.
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    thanks for the post skidoo. had this on my faves list and a playlist for awhile now. The more people that see this the better. Cheers mate and to SweetWaterBlue He's my ukulele hero. daylight 2nd. Best there's ever been.

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    Cliff Edwards unfortunately joined the long line of great artists who somehow fell out of demand and were left to vanquish and die in poverty. I wonder how many of yesterday's artistic heroes (not only musicians) who are still alive in old age, constantly struggling to make ends meet, wondering where all the attention went. Check and see what happens to some. And; have a hard look at that Cliff Edwards video...

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    Thanks for posting that. I loved his voice in the Disney film, and didn't realize who he was or that he was from Hannibal. By the way, Hannibal is a beautiful little town, and it's situated on very dramatic bluffs on the Mississippi. The first time I saw a golden eagle, was driving up to Hannibal and they were soaring on the bluffs. This was years ago, before eagles (bald and golden) had made a comeback in the US. If you get a chance to visit, it's a wonderful town.
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