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Thread: Have you hugged your Eleuke today?

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    I don't have any particular Eleuke story to recount, but I did buy a Bugsgear Eleuke five or six years ago. I was disappointed with it, at first. I bought it thinking it was a soprano, but it is concert scale. That's no big deal, but along with a weight that feels like two house bricks, it didn't endear itself to me.

    However, whenever I've needed to practise silently, it has proved very useful. If I didn't already have it, I'd be tempted to get the peanut version.

    I've never played mine through an amp and speakers. I just plug my headphones in and I'm in a world of my own.

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    I've been thinking about a Risa Concert Stick for the same kind of instances you mention in your post....kind of waiting for one to pop up here in the marketplace or at HMS/Mims/Uke Republic.

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    Ukulele Underground: a rare forum where someone can post a scam post on a dead thread, and then forum members simply carry on with new posts on the existing topic.

    I bought one of the new Concert Electric Peanuts from EleUke...with some work, it's pretty nice.
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    I got no desire for an eleuke until I saw this thread. Whatís wrong with me..
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    I bought a used Eleuke peanut that's about 4 years old. I am not impressed. The new ones look much better. The action on mine is very high. It would cost me almost as much as I paid for it to get it setup properly.

    So, I bought a Fred Shields Back Packer concert with only a side port sound hole. Man! That thing is loud! Way to loud for a hotel room.

    Now I have a used tenor RISA Stick that is perfect for quiet practice. Even in hotel rooms with a connecting door, it is just fine to use late at night. (Took a little time to get used to not have a head stock.)
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