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Thread: The Great Ukulele Pickup Challenge...

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    Default The Great Ukulele Pickup Challenge...

    I decided to compare two pickups as scientifically as possible by actually recording them both at the same time and completely dry. One pickup is in the right channel, the other in the left.

    More details are available in the comparison video.

    Please comment on the video and indicate which you like best and why. At some later, as yet undetermined, date I will reveal which pickups and uke, etc., I used and which pickup is in each channel.

    I guess this is where I put the <big evil grin>.

    I'm not entirely convinced that it is possible to polish a turd. However, if one were to accomplish that feat one would still have a turd, and one all the more noticeable for being shiny.

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    This was a good ear challenge. Thanks for posting it John!
    I had to get my good headphones out to hear a difference. The one on the right seemed louder but also picked up more scratching and clicking sounds. I don't know enough about pickups to know which one is best, but I'd think the one on the left would be easier to hide all the extra sounds I make (which are numerous)... I know you wanted these comments on the youtube page but it's not letting me sign in right now for some reason... Anyway, good test!

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    Like Bob, I plugged in headphones to better isolate the channels. My guess is the pickup on the left channel has active electronics and the pickup in the right is a piezoelectric without any active electronics. Ric

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