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Thread: Uke in a lot of tv commercials music.

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    Default Uke in a lot of tv commercials music.

    Did you ever notice just how popular ukuleles are in the music used for tv commercials?

    It seems to be in every other commercial. My ears perk up I hear that unique uke sound in the background.
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    I started registering that about three weeks into playing. So fun! I like the JCPenny commercial tune.
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    Yeah, I've been noticing it for a while. There's also some shows that use uke, and for the most part you can hear the uke is purposefully pretty crappy. But now it's no longer the case. Sure you often hear that stereotypical toy uke sound, but I'm starting to hear some nice ones mixed in there. There was some series, like a history or doc series that is escaping me right now, but the guy scoring it is consistently using a nice uke, and it's much appreciated.

    edit - Got it! It was some later episodes of Tribal Wives! All of the sudden you hear not only uke, but some nice uke, and it's not even really obvious.
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