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Thread: Does Kalei Gamiao qualify to perform at ukulele festivals?

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    His "Kiss from a rose" video inspired me to try and learn it.

    It gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it... Yes, he's qualified. I really like his playing style!
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    The real question is, why should he bother? I think some people get a lot out of that type of performing (personal satisfaction, financial rewards, direct marketing to attendees) and some people don't. It's up to the individual.

    Whether I ever do or don't get the opportunity to see him, he seems like a really neat person and a great artist.
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    Is the OP his mommy trying to get people to say complimentary things about her son?

    This is such a non-question for anyone who's seen him play. One of the best players out there and a super, super nice guy.

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