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Thread: Zither Heaven ukes and other instruments-- affordable USA!

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    Default Zither Heaven ukes and other instruments-- affordable USA!

    Anyone played one? The prices are great.
    I wish I could find a video of the banjo too.
    Here's the site

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    Check the review section, i did a review of one of the ukuleles and someone else added their review of the banjo uke. It is a cheap instrument. They are made in the USA and I think they could have done a lot more with them so they aren't a toy and made a real ukulele or banjo ukulele but it is what it is. You are getting what you pay for and not much else. I would consider them for a child who wants to learn to play. The necks are very small and while not impossible to fret it is more difficult (like a small sopranino). The intonation is pretty good though because it the bridge can move so you can find the sweet spot. Of course even with good intonation it is very quiet due to the backwards body (the top and sides are carved from one piece and very thick while the back is a separate piece of wood, who thought that was a good idea!?). I got one for my father as a car uke and it gets very little play time anymore.

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