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Thread: Need 10-20 people who would like a deal from a Chinese uke company.

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    Default Need 10-20 people who would like a deal from a Chinese uke company.

    After two weeks of listing this, we got our quota so:

    Important notice - the group buy is now closed.

    If anyone else wants to put together another group purchase, you can contact East-Start directly through their web site, just search for their company name.
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    They are beautiful!

    But they are steel strings... correct?

    I hope you get your 20+ and a really great deal.

    I wonder if Blackbird will do something for a mass order of their new Clara Concert!!

    keep uke'in',
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    Dang, that ESU-J58E2 RD is tempting.

    I'm actually planing to clear out all the firewood in collection. That's just what I'd need , more firewood.

    PM me shortly before you decide to order. I need to chew on this for while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kohanmike View Post
    During a discussion on UU about electric uks, I posted a reply that I contacted a Chinese distributor, East-Start, about their jazz arch-top electric ukulele (see below). East-Start gave me a quote of $400 USD plus shipping, but if I ordered 20, they would each be $165 plus $17.50 shipping to different addresses.

    They also quoted 10 for $180 each, plus $18 shipping to one address, or up to $80 to different addresses. (I have to clarify the shipping costs with them.) It seems even $260 total is a good price a well, but $182.50 sure is good.

    So far there are 6 UU members who want in.
    kohanmike - US model ESU-J58E2 RD
    cigarfan - US
    ChaosToo - UK
    bigphil - US
    greenie44 - US
    Barbablanca - Spain

    East-Start said that each person can choose their own model. If you want in, please look over the choices, then reply here with the model number. Once we have 10 (preferably 20), I will contact East-Start to verify exact price for the uke and shipping, and how payment is made (one lump amount, or individual payments).

    I'm not profiting from this what-so-ever, I just like the uke I saw and if I can get it in a group buy for that price, I'm willing to be the go-between. (Scroll down to see the choices. Note that some of their descriptions might have errors, like the jazz arch-top I like lists Aqula strings, but that's wrong, it has steel strings.)

    this company seems like the oriental trading co, of instruments. It just seems very cheap to me.
    I'd rather save my money for a risa at this point.
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    Count me in. I'll pick a model when the deal gets closer. I'm in Australia so it will probably effect postage.


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    After looking more closely my model choice is ESU-J58E1 BW. Zip is 52806, Thanks!
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    Well this is tempting. Im in the market for new uke as well.
    How much it'll costs to ship to Indonesia ?

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    Please only reply if you're interested. There's no need to post denegrating comments if you are not interested, just skip it.

    They did not specify shipping to specific countries, but they did say if shipping is a long distance from China, it could be as much as $80 USD. Once we get 10 people, I will make up a list of the models and locations to submit to them for final pricing. I would like to get 20 people. At this point, 8:30 PM Pacific Coast time, there are 7 on the list.
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    Has anyone ever held one and tried it? They look pretty, but do they sound and play pretty, too?

    I am interested but would love to see a review ...

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    What I can say is I recently received a acacia koa 2 hole slot head uke from a Chinese distributor that I bought because I really liked the look. I knew I was taking a chance that it might not be very good for $148 USD, but it turns out to be very nice. I like the sound, good projection and sustain and the action is good. I'm very happy. I then gave it a polished finish, added strap buttons and electronics (which I also bought out of China), so far, so good.

    I've purchased lower priced brand name guitars made in China which are also very good, Fender and Ibanez, so I have no problem with Chinese instrument manufacturers.

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