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Thread: 1920's Gibson Style Ukulele?

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    Default 1920's Gibson Style Ukulele?

    I'm trying to identify a few ukulele's I have. The first one, which is the one I think is in the best condition of the 3 has no makers name. I bought it a while back from a lady who told me it was her great grandfathers who bought it back in the 20's and had a picture of him playing it. I never saw the pic.

    Anyway, it has the black-white-black-white roping around the sound hole, plastic tuners, some kind of plating on the brass frets...

    See pics for the rest.

    Any help on identifying this ukulele is greatly appreciated. To me, it looks like it's later than the 20's, but I paid $20 for it, so I really didn't care.

    Here's a link to the album
    Hopefully I'm allowed to post this link. Thanks!!!

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    Hello and welcome to UU.

    Unfortunately, you don't have a Gibson there. You do have a Chicago made ukulele from the 40's or 50's. I have seen them with that decoration around the soundhole before. Looks to be a pretty nice build, and I would guess that it was made by Harmony. The tuners are what's known as "shark's tooth" tuners, and were often used by Harmony.

    Twenty dollars is a great price.

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    Yes, probably Harmony. All of the ukuleles with shark tuners I've seen have been made by Harmony. Nice ukulele; appears to be spruce top; later than 20s; most likely 50s, given the tuners.

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    Had a Silvertone soprano uke (made by Harmony) that had those tuners. Fifties model I would guess, maybe later, solid hog. Great uke for the price, $40 on the bay. Hopefully yours sounds nice. cheers, g2

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