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Thread: Putting baritone strings on a Tenor.

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    Default Putting baritone strings on a Tenor.

    I putt some koolau DGBE baritone strings on my cheap tenor. I like the sound, has anyone done this before? Or is the tension too high?

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    I did this once, and the tension came out too low, at least when trying to tune it the same (DGBE).
    Maybe it depends on which baritone strings you used. I tried with D'addario's regular nylon set on a Kala tenor few years back.. way too loose.

    You can always tune it to a different tuning with a tension that works... that's if you want alternative tunings. Otherwise, what's the point? Get the right strings for the job.

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    Default Baritone tuning for a tenor

    As the post above says, Aquila does make d G B E which means the
    low 4th string. They also make D G B E which is that G is your lowest note and the D is reentered between the B and the E. As an Aquila dealer, I buy the standard DGBE SET and individual low d strings so one can have a 5 string package which is less expensive than two 4 string packages. I really like my tenor tuned d G B E when it is tweaked to c G C E. That is open C. F is the finger layed across the 5th fret. G is across the 7th

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