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Thread: RISE AGAINST if anyone can do any of the songs

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    Default RISE AGAINST if anyone can do any of the songs

    does anyone know any rise against songs that can be played on the ukulele?
    such as Prayer of the Refugee or Hero of War. anything from their last album or their newest one that just came out called Appeal to Reason. much appreciated if anyone can get back to me about this.

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    try guess


    the only one ive seen here is swing life away
    be sure to use the search feature
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    eh, it's been awhile since i pulled the electric out of it's case...I'd love to learn Paper Wings.
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    there are the chords, along with some guitar tabs, to hero of war.

    Rise Against tones down their songs a bit when they play them acoustically(sometimes even too much as to ruin the song). So you can basically use the chords to any of their songs and just tone the song down a bit. Just remember you're losing that raw/emotional energy the more you tone down the song, which can kill off the song, in my opinion.

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    I really want to learn Hero of War for my friend for Christmas, but I don't know how to change that guitar tab over for the ukulele. Any help? Thanks!

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    Default swing life away

    they play it pretty good and the chords are basically just Em, G, C and D

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    This version of Hero Of War works wonderfully on the ukulele

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