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Thread: Someone call the SPCU...

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    Default Someone call the SPCU...

    Okay...I've been known to cut a 4" circle in the top of a Mainland concert, drop a coffee can in, and call it a resonator. I've been known to drill holes in the sides of ukuleles to install a panel-style jack instead of using an end-pin jack for a pickup. I'm known to glue non-skid shelf liner to the backs of ukuleles to make them easier to hold.

    But...somebody needs to go to jail for this...

    I'm not entirely convinced that it is possible to polish a turd. However, if one were to accomplish that feat one would still have a turd, and one all the more noticeable for being shiny.

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    that doesnt look like an on purpose looks like a couple cracks that got bad enough that someone busted the loose section out, its broke right along the grain top and bottom, and the end breaks are jagged like someone grabbed a loose piece and snapped it off......Damn shame either way. Until I saw that hole I thought there was room for someone to get a great a major repairable score would still be fixable Id think.

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