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Thread: Can you guys help?

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    Question Can you guys help?

    Hey you guys I have a cheap-o $30 uke right now. It's sufficient and sounds ok. I bought it bc I didn't know how much I was going to LOVE the uke. Now I feel like I have enough love for the instrument to buy a more expensive one.

    I'm thinking about getting myself a christmas gift (since i'm my own sugar daddy)

    I was wondering if you guys could help me bc I really don't know too much about ukes... I'm thinking my price range is around $100ish.... I dont even know if that'll get me a good uke.

    I mean I'm looking for a good one but not a REALLY good one, you know what I mean?

    The one I have now doesn't sound right when I pick it or play certain notes... So basically I'm looking for a step up that sounds nice and clean..

    Any suggestions??

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    OHH i also wanted to ask - Is it possible for me to just get new strings to make it sound better?

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    This post may be better in the "Beginner" section. Use the search function, this question is asked weekly. I don't own any $100 ukes but love my concert fluke as my beach uke. You may be able to find a used uke at a discount, perhaps a Kala.
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    This is usually what my ukes consist of. A "Good" uke, but not a "really good" uke. haha

    I would suggest a Kala or Lanikai

    or a little more in the $150ish range, a Fluke (or here) or Flea. I think these are the best for a "good" uke haha I take my fluke around everywhere and don't have to worry about it getting beat up. It's really sturdy. It also gets a lot of attention because of their unique shapes and vibrant colors. As for strings, I recently bought a Flea from ukeguy510 and he had Medium Worth brown (i think?) strings on it and I really like them. The sound is loud (but not too loud like my Aquila strings) and just very nice, in my opinion.

    Hope that helps somewhat.
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    always check the sales section on the boards. right now there are a few concert flukes going for $150 (normally $230).

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    Check the Market Place @ Flea Market Music also.

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    Thanks to everyone who replied! You guys are great!

    So I think I've been convinced to get a flea...

    I've been browsing the web and I spotted a couple:

    These are both $159 with free shipping:

    I'm not sure if they're the same brand or not?

    But any input would help!

    I plan on buying one really soon, I'm really excited! =]

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    Haha just thought I would share this too

    Pretty cool....SORRY if it's a repost!

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