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Thread: I hate B flat

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    Default I hate B flat

    As my title states, I hate this cord. I need some encouragement, it does get better with time, right? I just recently took part in some group lessons and when we got to B flat it sounded horrible so I assume that I'm not alone.
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    Everybody else does B flat. I do B phlat!!

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    Just play an A# instead.

    Keep trying. It's the same shape as F on guitar. On a guitar. the larger neck makes it easier. Either make a barre chord out of it or mash it.

    E chord is my nemesis.
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    Start doing a spider exercise daily. I couldn't hit it for years...YEARS...until I did spiders three times a day for two months. Thanks to Hal Kinneman my teacher on Kauai. Great teacher.
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    Playing B flat is a challenge at first.

    Some people find it can be a little less of a finger-twister if they apply a barre (fret all four strings) at the first fret with the pointer finger, rather than just using the pointer to fret the E and A string. (Some people find this even more challenging, though.)

    Once you've found the least uncomfortable method of playing B flat for you, find a song you love that uses B flat sparingly to add to your uke practice routine. Play it every day, just enough to get frustrated with its difficulty. With time, playing B flat will begin to feel natural. (You may need a few songs you love to get you all the way to this point without tiring of playing the same thing.)
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    shoot i'm still having problems getting to 'G'. At this point I don't even try an 'E'. Only been playing since september, though.

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    It comes with time and practice.

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    I guess I'm one of those that everyone loves to hate - the Bb chord never bothered me.

    Even when I was learning to play guitar, many decades ago, the F chord (same shape) wasn't an issue.

    I started out using my index finger on the first string, first fret, the middle finger on 2nd string, first fret, ring finger on third string, 2nd fret, and pinky on 4th string, 3rd fret.

    Keeping in mind that this makes it difficult to change to just about anything but the chord shape that is Eb on Uke, Bb on guitar, doing it often makes it easier. After a while, I started just putting the index finger on 2nd string, 1st fret, middle finger on 3rd string 2nd fret, ring finger on 4th string 3rd fret, and then just laying the index finger across the 1st string, 1st fret as well. This also makes it easy to slide up to a C chord.

    Again, as Ralf said, it takes practice. But it really is worth it.

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    There's folks who'll play a Gm7 in lieu of A# (Bb) . . .

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    Bb is a fingerbreaker for me to. Everytime I think I got it right and smooth the sound is just awful. Practise
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    There is this site where there are alternate finger positions for the same chord up the neck of the Ukulele

    Would a radius'd fretboard make it easier?
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