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Thread: Jenny and the Captains - New melodica player!

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    Default Jenny and the Captains - New melodica player!

    We wanted to publicly thank Captain CheezWhiz 2.0 for his/her many years of service, but we are also pleased to announce that as he/she retires, we have a new melodica player!

    Details on our facebook page:
    JatC on FB


    Jenny and the Captains
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    That's great, JatC! Best of luck, and best wishes to Capt. CheezWhiz 2.0, perhaps the only Captain with any talent. He/she will be missed.

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    Thanks, CLH. If anybody knows talent, it's you.

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    Awwwww, you're making me blush.

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    Wishing the Captain the best....always liked your stuff... keep them coming...

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