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Thread: 8 string tenor vs mandolin?

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    Perhaps the lateness of the hour has affected my ability to read, but I don't think I saw anyone suggesting that the mandolin can be restrung as a ukulele so the strings and note positions stay the same, but the sound changes. There is no agony of the E - A grooving the fingers. I also do not remember reading if it was A- F or Collegiate model. I have a couple which are tuned with just four strings. Even have one tuned g C E a cuatro style. There are all kinds of six string combinations possible. Prices and value are often not related. $25 to $ 40 can get you some surprising finds

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilUSAFRet View Post
    Have my eye on a Boatpaddle concert sized mandolin tuned as a taropatch.
    Also considering stringing a mandolin gG C E AA, leaving out the second C and E strings a' la 6 string uke
    Soooooo many ukes, sooooooo little time

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    I have three mandolins.
    -My Eastman is in standard tuning GGDDAAEE.
    -My Washburn is in high strung tuning, something I got from listening to jugband mandolin gGdDAAEE.
    -My TC Octave mandolin is tuned GGDDAADD, an octave lower than a mandolin.

    About a decade ago I loaned a mandolin to a guitarist who needed one to play in a pit band for the local Drama Society. When it came back, he had replaced the strings and had it tuned DDGGAAEE, still with steel strings, but to reduce his learning curve.

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