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    Default Uke repair

    I took my newly acquired older Kawaya Famous uke to a relative that knows a lot about guitars. He says my uke needs a new bridge, and some repair to the body. The wood bows and is not flat between the soundboard and the bridge. I'm gonna take it to the local music shop-we have no uke shops at all nearby.
    Do you suppose a music shop can tell me it's value, and repair it? Otherwise my relative says he can fix it, he has repaired lots of guitars.
    What do you think?
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    I think the music shop is unlikely to know the value of the Kiwaya uke.

    Takume is the distributor for Kiwaya (called Famous in Japan) in the USA.
    Click Kiwaya on the website to see info about your uke, perhaps, if it is newer model.
    Here's another website about Kiwaya Famous:

    If you email the Takume website, Hitomi (as seen in this video with Aldrine) is most likely to email you back, she is lovely and will tell you about your uke, if you shoot her some photos.

    If it's an upper level model, have a luthier repair it.

    If it's a lower level model, have your relative take a crack at it.

    Hope that helps, and do tell us what comes of it, normagal in Wisconsin. Steve in Illinois.
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    Any pictures....would help

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