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Thread: 15cm vs. 20cm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Mc View Post
    I recommend the KPK solid mahogany concert here: I recently purchased the solid mahogany soprano and it is a very nice sounding instrument that compares well to instruments costing much more. The set up is top notch. You can read my review on that web site under the mahogany soprano. The owner offers a $15.00 PayPal discount so the price will come in very close to your budget.
    I agree with this recommendation, I bought one of these a couple of years ago when they were marketed under the Melokia brand and it's been one of my favorites since the day I got it. Nice build and good set up, and I'm glad to see they come with Worths as I've found them to be the best fit for this uke. A very nice uke for the money, and the gigbag mine came with was a pretty good one too, but I keep mine in a hard case with a humidifier since I'm in the high desert.
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    Some promising "budget" all solid ukes coming from a new company called ASMUS...check them out. ON their sound clip, their solid acacia concert model sounded almost exactly like my KPK concert.
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    I have a KPK Tenor and really love it. Am thinking of perhaps getting a KPK concert, or a Gretsch concert (solid mahogany). My husband's Gretsch is a dream to play. I am wanting a solid mahogany uke. I've read some good reviews on Cordoba and OS ukes. I was researching OS ukes when I landed on the Gretsch roots line.
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