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Thread: Blackbird..

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    Default Blackbird..

    ..singing in the dead of night?
    No, talkin' bout the SF made carbon fiber ukes! Even though (IMHO) there are sweeter tones for 1200 bucks I am still fairly sure I will get one for myself sometime later this year. Why?

    Most of you are like me and don't need another uke..But I am always unsure what to take when traveling or going to the beach. So I usually take nothing. The Blackbird is no beater, it has good tone..and it boldly goes where no wood can. Leave it in the trunk, stick it in the sand, travel the world...
    So obviously you need one..But don't buy yet! Giving one away Feb1. Anyone shopping at TheUkuleleSite in the month of January will be eligible. Doesn't matter what...each purchase in an entry to win!

    Seems like blatant advertising but it's totally not! I just want someone in our UU family to win it...ya know, cause you guys are the coolest.

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    I'm more of a traditional type, and not into all the weird materials for ukes.. But, even that said, this is pretty cool..
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    I've played a Blackbird.

    It is actually a very nice uke, feels good, sounds good.

    Andrew, is this one solely acoustic, or with the pickup?

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    I am in love with how this ukulele looks and the sound is awesome too. Now I'm glad I waited until January 1 to place my order for my beginner uke from HMS. Maybe I will luck out and win this gorgeous creature!
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    Aloha Andrew,
    Happy New Year bruddah....I tried one in your shop...and I was always intrigued after I saw Ledwood Play one on a video from a fan in the crowd...
    Woo Hoo a drawing...that is so generous and cool of you.....wish I had a way down there...

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    Wonderful! I knew I shouldn't have put my HMS order in on the 31st!

    They do look and sound nice though!

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    I'm always curious about how this uke sounds like.....I just don't know how the resonnance is compare to a wood uke....
    But for the fact that you can play it's nice! : ukulele mixed with some electro-ambient lap steel music..... : anything about ukulele, lap slide ukulele, dulcimer, shahi baaja or mountain dulcimer

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    I also got to play a Blackbird Tenor, probably the same one being given away, at HMS last month and thought it sounded pretty nice. Great tone. Probably not as good as a high-end K brand uke but pretty close. Close enough that I almost bought it. I was expecting it to sound dead and muted but was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. It was very light and well made. Felt good in my hands. I don't need another uke (keep it down UAS), but I could always use another set of strings
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    When I look at these ukes, I wonder why they went to all the trouble of making it and going with that strange look. I personally don't like the look and my experience has been it that if folks don't like the look they won't buy it regardless of the sound.

    If I could build a carbon fiber uke to bring to the market place, it would look just like a Martin O. Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewKuker View Post
    I am still fairly sure I will get one for myself sometime later this year.
    Dude! Surely if you just take a Uke off the wall and say

    it's yours

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