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Thread: Harmony Silvertone Ukulele information

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    Default Harmony Silvertone Ukulele information

    I am looking to get more information about this brand of ukulele. I have done some research and it seems that most of them were made around the 50's. It is a Harmony Silvertone baritone ukulele. I was curious if anyone knew what type of wood it was made from, and the value of one of these instruments.


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    Hi Jack, welcome to UU.

    I have seen two Harmony baritones, both were solid mahogany. I haven't seen a Silvertone but Harmony made silvertone so it should be the same.

    As for value, what is the condition? Can you post some pictures of said instrument? If you do, we should be able to tell you the wood and some idea of value.

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