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Thread: ukes on cruises

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    Default ukes on cruises

    Although I've never been on one before, due to family exigencies I see myself taking a 5 day Caribbean cruise in the next six month. Of course I'll bring a uke along so I can sit on a deck chair and play while the ocean streams by. But that made me think about "cruise etiquette" and what other musicians do to relax and play on a cruise. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a post where someone was actually told he/she couldn't play outside of their room on a cruise. So I'd be curious to hear about others experiences on cruises. Now I'm talking about just sitting in a chair playing for myself - not talking about competing with cruise musicians or trying to attract an audience. Your thoughts? g2

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    I remember a thread about cruises and someone mentioned a "no instrument" policy on one of the cruiselines, but I also remember someone else saying it wasn't a big deal. Personally, I wouldn't take no (uke) for an answer.

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    if it's an extended cruise, perhaps you'll be permitted to 'advertise' in a newsletter about an informal sing-along or song-circle or jam session if permitted by the Captain, Purser, any of the Authorities on Board.

    Or, perhaps one of the crew might make a suggestion re: where on the ship (unfortunately, possibly indoors) such an event, even your own playing, might be allowed to take place.

    I'd ask first. That way, if permitted, I'd have some kind of authoritative answer for anyone who might comment on the propriety of my ukulele-playing activities.

    Go for it! Hey, a uke on a cruise... c'mon man!

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    I've taken my uke on both Holland America and Celebrity with no problems, although I never played outside my room.
    The Celebrity was small (90 passengers) and I was encouraged to play on "talent night."
    But in keeping with my skill level, I continue to maintain the policy of never inflicting myself on others.

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    I've probably taken a dozen cruises, and brought a uke most of the time. never had a problem, and have played outside many times, never had anyone say a bad thing. on many ships there are out of the way places to play outside , I wouldn't go to a crowded place and start banging away though.

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    I cruised with Holland America last December and played on our deck area every day, and sometimes on the beaches. When crew took notice they always commented nicely about it, some of them played uke themselves.

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    Gary, took mine on Norwegian Alaska cruise. I played everywhere no problems.phil

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    A friend of mine was on a cruise where one of the options offered to passengers was a "learn the ukulele" session! So some lines or routes are Uke friendly, that's for sure. Indeed, on a thread here I remember someone mentioning having started their Uke career on a cruise line.

    PS Just did a search on Google (that I limited to UU) on the words "lessons on a cruise ship" and discovered several threads that mention this possibility.

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    IMG_3629.jpgWe've always taken ours and never had a problem. Usually we just play in our room and sometimes I'll play on our balcony though if folks are out on either side, I'll lean around (sort of) and ask if it's okay if I play. Once when the ship was at a tender port and we didn't want to hit the rush going ashore, I went to the deck where no one was around and played. The window washers came and started cleaning and I got up to leave. They asked if I minded playing a couple of songs for them as they worked. Cleaned an area for me to sit and I played. (made me feel good since I'm not a very good player). I have asked if it's okay for us to jam with others and never been turned down if we can find a quiet place --empty lounge or such and we leave when the speaker or whatever shows up. Have fun.
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    Thanks everyone, that's great information, and I'm really just talking about playing for myself (no singalongs or audience-seeking or learn how to play the uke tutorials), but that post about "no instruments" must have been the one stuck in my head. Glad to hear that no has really had problems. Discretion is everything when doing this but I've played successfully in many "public" places (airports, on planes, etc.) and not had any problems.

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