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Thread: Anybody use Reason? (Orchestral song inside!)

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    Default Anybody use Reason? (Orchestral song inside!)

    There's one of my compositions I created using the program Reason 4. I'm still a n00b at it, but I think I'm getting better. What do you think?

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    Not bad... I have an older version of Reason (2.5, I think?) and I used to tinker around with... I made some ambient synth-centric kind of stuff...

    (don't know if it's still up on the intarwebs...


    ... Here it is: )

    If I were you, I'd play with some effects... light reverb and echo, to give your sound a more polished feel.

    There's a lot of interest in your track, I think, but like I said, you need to work on "crafting" the sounds you've used. Are you using any synths, or are they all samplers?
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    Default Cool

    I just ordered Finale and hope to be able to do some of the things you're working on too. Just imagine what Beethoven could have created if he had these kinds of tools at his fingertips instead of just a cranky ole piano and a quill pen.

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