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Thread: Animal Crossing: New Leaf !

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    Default Animal Crossing: New Leaf !

    It's coming to the U.S. on June 9th and to Europe on June 14th. Anyone else EXCITED and eager to play??

    I just got a PINK 3DS XL a week ago and gave my regular 3DS to my husband. All three of us in our house are going to be playing AC:NL when it comes out!

    I've played all the games in the series: Animal Crossing (GC), Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS), and Animal Crossing: City Folk (Let's Go to the City) (Wii). This one is going to have a LOT of new content! I won't spoil it for anyone, although I LOVE being spoiled myself. I like to have a good idea of what's coming. As soon as a strategy guide is available, I'll be buying one!

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    I know this is 6 years later, but I love ACNL (I own 3 copies, haha) and have been playing since GameCube. I am excited for the details on the new Switch game. I don’t own a Switch yet, but like the 3DS, I will wait to but them when they release the latest AC game.

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    Sorry for reviving this old thread but I really enjoy Animal Crossing on Switch. So far, I'm loving the ac community. If you all don't mind me asking, do you play games other than ac? As for me, I always take the time to try games just for the fun of it. One simple game that I didn't expect to enjoy was toon blast. I thought it was for mobile pc only, so I was delighted when I learned that you can download toon blast on pc as well. I really just prefer playing on pc.

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    I love games, but it's still too childish for me. I prefer something more complicated, with quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HloeLinn View Post
    I love games, but it's still too childish for me. I prefer something more complicated, with quests.
    What quest games do you recommend?

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