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Thread: Alo)(a, from NorCal NoKaOi! :)

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    Cool Alo)(a, from NorCal NoKaOi! :)

    Hey all-
    lurked here for a bit. Been a guitar player for decades & decades & am back 'n forth between the east bay & Maui all the time. Lamely, I waited 'til about trip #30 to pick up a Uke & start jammin' like Jake! (in my dreams.. ; )

    My 15 y/o nephew just won the annual Maui Ukulele competition at the Hula Grill & won a good stack of dough & an amazing custom KoAloha presented to him personally by KoAloha Master luthier, Paul Okami! We teach each other tricks & licks when I'm on island (me: guitar / picking technique, him: reggae/uke moves..) , as I spend lots & lots of time on Maui, although it's never ever enuff!

    Looking forward to learning more & adding to my stringed instrument collection, which consists of lots & lots of electric (from vintage Les Pauls to custom "metal" Jacksons, Ibanez etc) & acoustic guitars ... & now, an all solid mahogany tenor acoustic/electric Kala & a custom Koa concert, pieced together by Miles Stephens on the Big island (Kona).

    I recently ordered a Bruce Wei (the Ebay dude from Taiwan) Acacia/Koa tenor, that I'm looking forward to "electrifying" with either an LR Baggs or mi-si system, after I rout the nut a bit for a low bass (likely "G") string. I occasionally plug a little 4-stringer into my "POD" hooked up to a sub & small PA speakers, or even occasionally play through my giant Marshall or my Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier with flanger & some delay, which my nice, peaceful neighbors must absolutely dig!

    Planning on attending the soon upcoming (Sunday, April 7th) "NorCal Ukulele Festival" in Hayward, so hoping some members will be rolling out to shaka in person!

    Be well..

    Sean (aka "NKO" )
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    Welcome to UU from a jealous Brit who'd love to be in either NorCal or Maui

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    Hey NKO,

    Welcome the UU. A small group of us met and hung out for a while at last year's festival. Maybe this year we can do it again and maybe get more people since the Reno festival isn't the same day. What part of NorCal are you from?

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    Aloha Sean,
    Welcome to the UU forums....Glad you finally made it here and to the ukulele....have fun and enjoy...happy Strummings....Waikiki not so bad for cruzin' too man

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    Hey bruddah

    you have to hook up with my buddy bkmdano(on this site) he lives in Livermore and grew up on Maui too..try send him a private message he looking for people to play with on that side of the bay..

    I was living in Belmont but just retired and moved back to Oahu..
    try get ahold of Danny and tell him I said hello

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    Default Nice! & more NorCal UkeFest info..

    Mahalo for all the alo)(a, folks! Nice to make your acquaintance, Keith, "Sarcastical" Gyosh, Stan the man & bruddah Len.

    I hail from the tri-valley (Dublin, actually) Gyosh, and so that should make hooking up with Danny (bkmdano) a real breeze, Len!

    I just received email reply from NorCal Ukulele Festival Coordinator, Sarah Kama’i-Paler, with .pdf form for early tickets ($10 advanced - postmarked by 3/15 - & it's $15 @ the door..) Not sure why the form &/or more info not available on the site, but if someone clues me in on the mechanics, I can post here or fwd you a copy if anyone's interested in attending & obtaining inside admittance at a discount.

    Would be a blast to hook up with a group there - I'll likely roll out to Hayward somewhere ~the noon'ish (have non-modifiable morning agenda..) hour, so hope that's not too late for any potential UU meet 'n greet!

    Thanks again for welcoming me, & look fwd to communicating with y'all in the forums!


    edit: in case you were wondering...that ain't me in my avatar, it's Gabby Pahinui [RIP], the father of Hawaiian slack key & one of my idols -- love me some Gabby (& owing to musical diversity, some Megadeth too! ; )
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