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Thread: What's happening in your shed?

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    Another perfect instrument, Allen. Somewhat depressing for the rest of us mere mortals.
    Having moved to a bolt-on neck, do you use a threaded insert or a barrel bolt?

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    You'd call it a barrel bolt I suppose. Its oriented from fret board to heel and is full lenght of the tenon. Drilled and tapped for a M6 bolt in a jig to guarantee alignment with the neck block that is also drilled in the same jig.

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    I have now finished the biscuit tin concert I have been working on. It cam out OK, although of course a tin is not really the best soundboard in the world. For that reason, I have braced the bridge against the through neck inside and put a piezo pickup in and the sound is OK. The break angle on the bridge is a bit shallow, so i may still dispense with the (lovely) brass tailpiece and have the strings pass through the tin behind the bridge and anchor inside. But all in all it is OK.


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    Nice! I cheat and chop the necks off cheap ukes and do some tweaking to get the fit right. If I had a shop bench and some scrap hardwood I'd like to make my own neck.
    Post up your final setup. On the last one I made the break wasn't quite right either and I couldn't tweak the neck bolts enough so I had to build another bridge(this one floats on a banjo uke). I always like to see other options.
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