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Thread: Vintage Banjo Uke - Looks like a Nice Clarophone

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    Default Vintage Banjo Uke - Looks like a Nice Clarophone

    Hi everyone. I'm doing some spring cleaning, and I've decided to sell everything that doesn't get played. This is a vintage banjo uke bearing the name Luxor, although it looks like a Gretsch Clarophone with the little grommet sound ports. It looks to be maple and has a drum head diameter of just under 8-1/2 inches. Peering inside, it appears that it has a metal tone ring. The skin head has no holes and is nice and tight. The tuners look original and are of pretty nice quality. The tailpiece and bridge both look like good hand-made reproductions.

    Inside, I found hand-writing indicating that the banjo had been restored in 1987 and identifying it as a Clarophone. There are some minute splits in the veneer around the drum's outer surface where the shoes are attached, but they are only in the veneer; the drum itself is undamaged.

    I bought this years ago just because it came in an old mandolin case that I wanted. The banjo itself has been sitting unplayed and unstrung, as I ended up buying a Gold Tone tenor-scale banjo that satisfies my modest banjo-uke needs.

    Asking $110 plus actual shipping. Thanks for looking.


    Here are more photos:
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