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  • 1-2

    11 6.71%
  • 3-5

    54 32.93%
  • 6-10

    38 23.17%
  • 11-15

    5 3.05%
  • 16-20

    6 3.66%
  • As many as you can afford without going into debt

    50 30.49%
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Thread: Seriously, how many ukes are too many

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    My brain tells me 8. Each size with linear and re-entrant tuning. Not including mini sizes. My heart says as many as you can afford. (As I was typing, I realized I forgot about the long neck versions of each size. So, 8 is not enough...)
    Tenor: Kinnard, Mya Moe 2052, Mya Moe Resonator 1581
    Concert: Hoffmann ML, Oceana Slothead Cutaway, LoPrinzi Nova MS-C, Kanile'a KPA C, Kiwaya KMC-K, Pono RC-C-PC, KoAloha Mango, Waterman KA CWB
    Soprano: Lanikai LU-21(Starter uke!), Kamaka Pineapple 100th Anniversary, Maui Music SK-41 "Pre-Fire", Romero Creations XS, Ohana SK 50G, Zimnicki #20, Makayla Dolphin Light Blue Burst, Fred Shields Oval, KoAloha KSM-02 (Long Neck), Barron River
    Mini: iUke Piccolo, Fred Shields Pocket

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    I answered 3-5, then I started counting and I have six. I have an antique Banjolele that needs some luthier love, a Firefly Banjolele, Kala soprano (my first uke), a Kanilea soprano, a Ko’Aloha concert and my new Kamaka soprano pineapple. I never play the Kala. Funny thing is, just over a year ago, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I blurted out “a ukulele.” I had so much fun playing, I asked for a Kanilea for Valentine’s Day. I just kept on asking and I kept on getting. Yay husband! Now if I could just play better.

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    My vote goes to as many as you want whilst not putting a strain on your finances.

    I thought 3 was more than enough, until I got my 4th; then less than 10, but I ended up with more - they are so addictive when you are starting out.

    But, I have now found my ideal size - & my UAS has stopped - so I was definately looking for the right one all along.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    If you have to ask someone if X number of ukes is too much, you have too many ukes!

    But seriously i picked 6-10 because 3-5 is actually a reasonable number but if you teach students or let other people borrow your uke, you need some 'beater' ukes.

    So like:

    High g
    Low g
    Your fave size with pickup
    You other fave size with pickup
    Beater uke you keep in car
    Beater uke you keep at work
    My current stable:

    (Son of Snaggletooth) Romero Creations Tiny Tenor Spruce & Rosewood
    (Coco) Hanknn Koa Concert
    (Spruce Bringsteen) Burks Spruce Soprano
    (bootleg) aNueNue pineapple Concert
    (Toothless) IZ thinbody soprano w/ pickup

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaii 50 View Post
    CJ for what ever reason..i like 10..but number 11 has to be super special..or when I get that 11th one I give one of the first 10 to someone..10 sounds like a good number for me..

    HF-2 from Music Folk/reverb
    HF-3 from rockyl/UU
    HF-3 KOA TENOR from HMS (S#170712)
    HF-3 DELUXE CEDAR/KOA TENOR from HMS (HF-3DC #171783)
    HF-38 from Uke man/UU

    KOALOHA KOA CONCERT PACK from HMS (KCM-00, #17163)


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    I would say one of each size and style
    Soprano - 1 low g and 1high g
    Concert- 1low g and 1 high g
    Tenor - 1 low g, 1 high g, 1 dGBE and 1 DGBE
    Baritone - 1 dGBE, 1 DGBE, 1 gCEA and 1 GCEA
    Metal string electrical
    Banjo uke
    Uke bass
    At least

    So far that makes 16 not including different brands and different woods.

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    I voted 3 to 5.
    But that's just for me. Any more would probably be insane.
    I have 2 concert ukes, one Lo G and one hi g, a wallhanger that I don't play, and a tenor banjouke.
    I would like a really really nice soprano for playing Baroque on.
    But I really just want to play way better before I get any more.
    To anyone else, as many as you can afford. Me, I just don't want to get bogged down with possessions.
    "Those who bring sunshine and laughter to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

    Music washes from the soul, the dust of everyday living.

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    I voted 6 to 10. What a surprise, I currently have 10. I did actually sell one to buy my latest, so holding at 10 for a few years now. I do feel each has a purpose. I also regularly play all but three of them:
    My Lanikai I do not play anymore because it collects autographs. It is the first ukulele I purchased and it has intonation issues anyways.
    My Mainland Gecko I do not play, I tried to customize it and have as an office/beater ukulele but then I won a Kala concert in a raffle and that became my beater ukulele - it lives in my car.
    My R&L Koa I do not play too often, the bridge is lifting and I need to get it fixed. So that leaves seven. It is very beautiful and I love its very Hawaiian sound so I will never get rid of it.
    My Kala, as I already said, lives in my car and gets a lot of action as a spare, time-killer, beach uke, that type of thing.
    My Epiphone Les Paul lives in the overhead bin at my desk at the office.
    My Hikare Baritone belonged to my wife's late grandfather. Grandma gave it to me after he passed. It is on a stand in the living room and I play it every now and then, sometimes just to hear how something would sound in a different key.
    My Pono is my only Koa tenor. I love it, I play it often.
    I have a concert Milo and Lychee custom and a tenor six-string custom, also Milo wood, made by Emil Bader. I play them when I need the sound that they each offer.
    I recently purchased a 5-string Tenor Compass Rose. This is my main player now.
    So when you break it down like that, not entirely unreasonable at all!
    I have different sizes and different tonewoods and different string configurations, and not one of them I would call redundant in my little collection.
    My Quiver: S & J Craft Milo Tenor "Liliu" six string custom and Milo and Lychee concert by Emil Bader
    Pono PKT-1 Koa Tenor w/MiSi, Lanikai LU-21T - Autographed!, Hikare CU 528 Baritone
    R&L all koa mini concert, Mainland Gecko, Epiphone Les Paul Vintage, Kala Concert
    Compass Rose 5 string
    Nothin' left to do but : ) : ) : )

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    Two is too many if you don't play them both. Three is too many if you only play two, etc etc etc.

    Collecting ukes for the sake of numbers makes no sense to me. Being competitive about how many one owns, even playfully, makes no sense to me.
    And whether the blood be highland, lowland or no,
    And whether the skin be black or white as the snow,
    Of kith and of kin we are one, be it right, be it wrong,
    As long as our hearts beat true to the lilt of a song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    Accumulating vs collecting. Are you accumulating junk or actively looking to collect a set of instruments which have a common theme.
    Most of the posts in this thread are about accumulations, not collections.
    You can tell if you have a collection if you have catalogued all the items, if it has a theme, if you regularly network with other collectors to swap or buy ukes to fill gaps in the theme.
    If you just say UAS a hundred times and buy whatever activates your buying impulse at the time, you are mostly accumulating junk which is going to clog up your house when you realise it is not satisfying your needs. You wont even be able to give some of the items away, no-one else will want them. You are just adding to landfill.
    Also it is OK to both accumulate and collect if that is how you want to spend your time and money, but showing off your list of acquisitions is nowhere near as much fun as actually playing in a social setting or for a paying audience.
    I recommend that you start out with a single student uke and keep that until you learn a few things about playing and music. When you have learned up to a point where you understand the parts of the music and how each type of ukulele can fill the part, that is when you have enough knowledge to make a useful purchase for your next uke(s). You are just buying blind until you have some knowledge to help you plan and budget for an acquisition.
    Some goals to discuss before moving on from the student uke:
    Knows the names of every note on the fretboard.
    Can read a written form of music well, like TAB which has four strings or standard notation (this means look at the written format and play it smoothly as written)
    Can just start to be able to pick a string is out of tune by ear
    Can find the C D and G scales on the fretboard
    Can name all the parts of a ukulele and the common sizes and types
    Can smoothly play a three chord progression
    Can name the notes in the chords in the progressions and find them on a fretboard in an arpeggio pattern
    Starting to be able to find alternative chords.
    Can source suitable string set and change strings.
    Maybe others could contribute some useful goals and help beginners save a lot of time and money?
    That's what I'm trying to do. Bought a tenor as my first one and got really frustrated before I figured out it was just too big for my hands. Trying to learn on a concert, but I'm finding learning the music theory is making my head hurt. I'm sure it will click eventually. I'm at least trying to practice chord transitions. Working with sheet music just leaves me scratching my head.

    Thanks for this as a good list to start. I want to get to finger picking. If my hands were big enough, I'd be playing banjo. Love bluegrass

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